Aectra Plastics


AECTRA Plastics, with a history of more than 22 years, is a well renowned and leading distribution company in the petrochemicals industry for the Regional market.

Beginning its operations in 1998 and over a period of more than two decades, AECTRA Plastics has become a well-established specialized distribution company.
The distribution consists in commodity polyolefins and engineering and technical polymers alike, products that are sourced from global production companies like: Sabic, KEP, DIC, Radici, MCPP, MOL Group and many other regional and global producers. As a specialized distribution company with a major influence in the local market, AECTRA Plastics became part of Hromatka Group, thus having the recognition of being an important player for the regional market. Hromatka Group is one the most sophisticated company in Europe with state of the art production facilities and compounding units. Hromatka Group is a well renowned specialized distribution company being a service provider in the petrochemicals industry for more than 10 markets in Central and Western Europe.

Our senior product managers with more than 20 years of experience in the field, completed by our specialized sales team allows the company to address to the Automotive manufacturing industry with comprehensive services by offering product solutions, supply optimization solutions to customers and product packages.
The company is in direct contact along the production value chain in the Automotive industry with most of the OEM in the region, TIER1 and TIER2 alike production units, with no exceptions.

Having access to a strong network in the plastics industry with an European dimension at group level, AECTRA Plastics has put a lot of effort into providing a wide range of services. These include logistic and supply optimization solutions and with fully dedicated personnel to our deliveries at customer sites, company was able to optimize and to build delivery programs and schedules, tailor made to each customer. By this, the company is aiming to promote premium service addressed to customers that are targeting midterm productivity and stable costs on the long run. The company has proven its special strength by promoting and selling special materials, by offering technical support with active improvement of the production process whenever needed, by addressing to impossible logistics circumstances, by offering immediate solutions to customers when product alternatives were needed, by promoting improved production processes with numbers and modified parameters in respective units.
AECTRA Plastics is able to provide several delivery points throughout the country, by this shortening the delivery time to maximum next day delivery when product available.

The concept of ONE STOP SHOP that the company is promoting is one of the healthiest basic supply principle targeting the decrease of supply efforts and time spent with supplying two three products for the same unit.
Thus, AECTRA Plastics created sales of product packages and sales of process solutions.

Having all of these in mind, Make AECTRA Plastics part of your process and product development, by benefiting from the extensive experience a leading expert in the field of polymers has to offer.
We know our way around the world of POLYMERS like no one else.

WE are the right partner for YOU.